Movie post! Heroes journey!

Doctor Who? 
This TV show is full of complex, twists and turns. The show has the “hero’s journey” woven throughout every episode. The one thing that stands out the most in “Doctor Who” is the call to adventure. Many times there is the refusal of the call. The doctor presents the call to adventure to many different companions. There is definitely risk in jumping into this adventure but the stagnant life of the mundane world is too unbearable. So, the companions rush into the adventures. Another great aspect of the heroes journey, that is portrayed in “Doctor Who” is the “abyss”. Just when you think the doctor and his companions have reached the end of the line, there is a twist in the plot that allows them to continue on their journey. The doctor is a mentor to the companions that join him on his journeys. One of my favorite things about the relationships between The Doctor and his companions is that he is portrayed as the mentor, but all too frequently his companions are the ones that keep him sane and grounded with a sense of morality. In “Doctor Who” the hero’s journey could be considered out of order but it is definitely evident in every episode.

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