Heroes Journey Blog Post3

Fear is something that you cannot taste,see, smell or here. But you can definitely feel fear! 
How does fear affect our lives? Well, fear affects my life in many different ways. I have a fear of disappointing my family and I have a fear of not being able to achieve certain things in my life. Fear is one of those instincts that humans have to remind us that we aren’t invincible. Fear is there to protect us from danger. Although this is a good thing, it manifests itself into negative things as well. Fear holds us back! When we are too afraid of failing at something, We choose to not except the challenge at all. We rather stay where it is safe. This might get in the way of a job that we want to apply for or a life dream that we have had for quite some time. The fear of not achieving our goals is a very real fear. Often times we are too afraid to step off of the edge of ordinary and plummet to the unknown. While fear keeps us from getting hurt, it also is a hindrance to us.
I am afraid of the dark. The dark is scary! You cannot see what is in the dark, what is in the unknown. This fear seems like a silly one. But in actuality it holds me back quite a bit. I thought I would grow out of this fear when I was little but in actuality it has stayed with me till today. It holds me back because I am too afraid of the dark, or what is in the dark, so afraid that I cannot sleep very well at all. This causes me to be extremely tired during the day. Like I said even though this is a small silly fear, it holds me back from what I could be. Don’t get me wrong, fear is definitely necessary. It’s not good for a person to have no fear at all. In my opinion fear is just another instinct that needs to be tamed. Having a healthy fear is OK sometimes. I mentioned having a fear of disappointing my parents. I would consider this a healthy fear. I am not afraid of what they would do to me. But I am afraid that if I do something to disappoint them, it would hurt them. Humans have many instincts that need to be tamed. I think that is one of the things that separates us from animals. A human being has the capability of using their willpower to tame their instincts. 

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