Hero’s Journey

The hero’s journey is the story that is told over and over throughout history.  It is the literary make up of what a successful book, movie, TV show or legend might contain.  It starts out with a hero that is relatable to the general public.  What comes next is the call to adventure, this is where the hero’s journey starts.  Often times, this is where the hero refuses the call to adventure.  There are very few stories that take a turn in this direction. They are not worth writing about! If the hero wants to except the call of adventure, he or she has to step outside of their comfort zone and go boldly into the unknown.  After this point, the hero faces many trials and gains help along the way from mentors and/or wizards.  All to search for the main treasure which is the hero’s bliss.  The bliss could be very different in each story, but basically, what it is, is the purpose behind the hero’s journey.  The bliss is what gives the hero purpose in his life and adventure.

I see the hero’s journey in my own life.  My birth was “crossing the threshold.”  I see the “real world ” being with God in heaven.  The trials that I have faced and the trials that I will come to face are just a part of my story, my hero’s journey.   My parents are my mentors since my birth.  I think there will be more mentors along the journey.  I have not figured out what my bliss is, but I think that figuring that part out is something that can be done along the journey.  There are a lot of important characters in my story, and each one of them are important.  In someway or another, every person that I have come in contact with, taught me something.  They have taught me something about myself and about life.  To me those are the most important treasures that you can find on this hero’s journey.  Each day is a new adventure if you choose to except the challenge of stepping outside of your comfort zone into the unknown world.

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