My Views On The Race Reconciliation Course At Odyssey Leadership Academy.

This course was not an easy one to attend. It was full of difficult subjects and painful memories. We opened the closet and let out the racial skelotins of our country. In this course we covered everything from slaves being brought and sold to spend generations here being brutally mistreated, to the abolishment of slavery and the uprising of the Jim Crow laws where segregation of blacks was very alive and present, were they were free but not equal. We learned about the white mindset. We also learend that when cultural practices are preformed for many generations, thay are deemed normal or even morally acceptable. This poses the question, what is in our culture today that we might look over becuase we deam it normal or morally acceptable?
This course brought up questions of poverty, race, human value, religion, worldview, psychology and most importantly how can we break the bonds of racism in America today. While we were sitting in class learning about all these subjects, we had to grow relationally with each other, so that we could wrestle with the difficult subjects of racism and hatred that we have all witnessed even today. Class time was abounding with deep and intellectual discussions from all different view points. No one’s opinion was devalued. This allowed all the students to have a sense of belonging and importance in the school. It was so beautiful to see how each person became more and more comfortable with discussing their opinions. Most of the time there was too much discussion to even move onto the next class. I believe each one of the students at Odyssey leadership Academy has been transformed into a deep thinking and compassionate leader especially in the subject of African-American racism. This course is the steppingstone to dissolving the racial tension and hatred that is very much alive in Oklahoma City. This is just the beginning! I cannot wait to see all of you accomplishments that we will achieve as a team.

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