Lead The Fight On!

This week of odyssey has opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. The possibility of changing our culture and community in a positive way, showing The city that young people have the capability of blowing minds in changing hearts. Just in this first week people in the community or noticing odyssey students and encouraging us in little ways. I think downtown Oklahoma City recognizes the impact of 48 students who are striving to dig deep into slavery, race, moral ethics and the redeeming of humanity.
Odyssey Leadership Academy (OLA) has been an amazing experience. I have learned a lot and struggled both intellectually and emotionally. What has impacted me the most is learning about all the injustice of slavery and racism. My mind has trouble grasping the fact that pain and suffering become so easy for us to witness. How is it that so many people can standby and let this kind of atrocity happen for so long? Struggling with works by Frederick Douglass and Phyllis Wheatley the students of Odyssey have renewed vision. So many wonderful discussions around the table from so many different viewpoints! It makes me feel like race reconciliation is not impossible to achieve. Having so many friends around to struggle and bear the burden together is extremely comforting. Racial reconciliation is achievable and there are still people in the world willing to wrestle with these difficult subjects! I say to OLA, lead the fight on to a world of change!

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