The New York Times article “1.5 Million black men missing.”

After reading the New York Times article “1.5 million black men missing” I’m thinking about how this affects our country.

How could something like this happen? 1.5 million African-American males are either incarcerated or dying before their time.  How does this affect me personally? Because this is something that affects the whole nation, I am personally affected. Think about the consequences of so many missing males from our country and how this affects our city and ourselves as individuals. One of the consequences of having so many people incarcerated is that a lot of federal money goes into the prison.  There is a shortage of fathers, husbands, brothers and sons which cause a large number of families to suffer in numerous ways. If things continue like this our country will to deteriorate.  When families suffer, the community that they are in suffers. When the community suffers, the city that the community is in suffers.  When the city suffers, the state suffers.  When the state suffers, our nation suffers.  And when our nation suffers, our culture suffers.  How does this affect me personally? This affects me because I am a part of the community, state, country and culture.

This problem has deep consequences beyond statistics and economics for our country.  Families are torn apart, children grow up fatherless and wifes are left emotionally bankrupt. This cannot continue!  We have to come to the realization that it is not okay for 1.5 million human beings to “disappear” from our community.  It breaks my heart to know that this has persisted since the 1950s.  We as a nation need to examine this problem and team together to find solutions to end this epidemic.

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